It was established in 1980 with the entrepreneurial spirit of our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Ümit ŞİŞMANOĞLU, in a small workshop to produce spare parts from Polyurethane materials for the automotive industry.

About Us

Working to offer the best products to our customers within the framework of Total Quality Management, is to increase competitiveness and efficiency by keeping the product quality high.

Our Vision and Mission

Continuing its competitive position in the automotive industry in the production of polyurethane parts, Pürplast has always kept customer satisfaction above all else.

Quality policy

As an environmentally conscious organization that is aware of its social responsibilities and contributes to the country's economy, we continue our activities with the highest respect for nature.

Laboratories & Tests

The basis of our understanding of quality is the deep responsibility we feel towards our customers and the self-respect of the Pürplast family. Responsibility and respect require that all of our products and services are controlled at every stage of their production. Our product and service quality is guaranteed by the care shown in our control points as well as the care in our production processes.

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